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Kikaffir - a Black Comedy

Macbeth after the apocalypse

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This is Macbeth in 2030. The apocalypse has come and gone, and Earth is a smouldering wasteland. For the last remnants of the human race there is no possibility of a future. In desperation they set about butchering one another before they choke to death in the toxic vapours enveloping the planet.

If you enjoy your violence ripped, hacked, pulped and skewered, and your sex sadistically pornographic, you’ll love Kikaffir. And for extra titillation you’ll find scenes of cannibalism and bestiality, interspersed with a disembowelling and several beheadings. And before you get to the main rape sequence there’s even a wonderfully graphic episode that will delight the coprophiliacs. It’s all so gross you’ll be laughing aloud by the end of the book. And be warned: there’s also some brain food tucked away in the plot for those who are really greedy. Enjoy!

Kikaffir is the second in Ian Martin’s Shockspeare Series. Which means you just have to read Pop-splat.

Genre: horror/apocalyptic/black comedy

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