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Henry Fuckit Goes South

Part Two of The Life of Henry Fuckit

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The setting is Cape Town in the late 1960s. Young Henry Fuckit has moved to South Africa after leaving the private lunatic asylum where he grew up. He soon discovers he has entered a world that is quite as crazy as the madhouse he has just left. In part two of The Life Of Henry Fuckit Ian Martin continues the ridiculous saga that describes his alter ego’s journey from the cradle to the grave. Henry makes a friend or two, he finds a job only to discover he’s allergic to work, he has his first sexual encounter, he gets caught up in a bizarre drama in a gun shop, he leads the life of a student without doing any studying - and all the while he keeps up a hilarious commentary about the absurdity of the human condition. This is pseudo-philosophical comedy at its very best.

Genre: literature/autobiographical/comedy

Tags: autobiography, black comedy, sick humor, ian martin, henry fuckit, Cape Town, existentialism, Camus, Niebelungenlied, Magnum, Smith & Wesson, Colt Special, racism, apartheid, student life, university, sex, virginity.

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