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The Life of Henry Fuckit

The life story of Henry Fuckit told in pictures and words


• Contemplate the story of Henry Fuckit's stupid life.

• Let him help you confront the ha-ha-human condition.

• Come to terms with your own hopeless predicament.

• Concede that Homo sapiens is a verminous species doomed to extinction.

• Your only sure defence against reality is your sense of irony.

• Laugh at Henry, laugh at yourself.

• Interpret the world of Henry Fuckit.

• Showcase your talent

• Use any medium to express yourself - drawing, painting, photography.

• Explore your own psyche and be as uninhibited as you like.

• Add to the organic development of the central theme.

• Help to create a new form of fiction - the first MINDS-I-BOOK™ - FREE on the Web.

How to contribute