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The Life of Henry Fuckit




1      He makes his entry
2      Wages of sin
3      Ingachini
4      He considers the life of a dilettante
5      The Ingachini cave
6      Henry decides to assume a new identity
7      Loss
8      Aesthete in slip-slops
9      The new name comes to him
10    He learns of his non-existence

11    A portrait of the dilettante as a young man
12    Mr Welgemoed helps him on his way
13    Conducted South
14    A prize heifer
15    Getting to know Cape Town
16    He becomes acquainted with Ivor Hopper
17    Henry's first fuck
18    Henry starts work at the CU
19    He contracts existentialist nausea
20    Rats. Big rats

21    He decides to resign for the sake of his health
22    The departure of Mr Snow and Mr Fuckit
23    Two dreams
24    Polonius crap
25    Talking of armed robbery
26    Curiosity leads him into a gun shop
27    Ugly, unnerving, depressing
28    Bedford Street
29    A member of the upper class
30    Henry differentiates between two types of suffering

31    She makes the earth move under his feet
32    End of an era
33    He takes a room at the Olympia Residentia and applies for a job at the Dockyard
34    From Kalk Bay to Arles, with assistance
35    Henry's first day at the Dockyard
36    He and Alf Whitehead get to grips with fundamental reality
37    Dear Kaye
38    Learning the ropes
39    Henry meets Harry and is told about the existence of Oxyaston
40    A preview

41    The relative importance of passing time
42    They visit the Dockyard's own subterranean conduit
43    Driven to distraction
44    Bergson prepares Henry for his expedition to South West Africa
45    He misses his train, hitch-hikes to Springbok and meets Mike Berkin
46    Twee meide met doeke
47    Encounter with a camel
48    Dinner at Grunau
49    Crash
50    Train journey - Part One

51    Henry's sermon at Aus
52    Train journey - Part Two
53    Luderitz
54    He finds accommodation with Frau Klee
55    The Oxyaston ducts aren't where they should be
56    Peeping Tom
57    Not a good place to read books
58    Voyeur's reward
59    On the point of giving up he makes an important discovery
60    Premeditated déjà vu

61    Review
62   Back at the Dockyard Bergson is pleased with the success of the expedition but Henry's psychological condition deteriorates
63    Henry becomes violent
64    He becomes a Verification Officer and converses at length with Ivan Schroder
65    Henry commits adultery
66    Quantum mechanics + dead cats = big thrill
67    Bergson is subjected to another monologue
68    Caught in the act
69    Henry's comforters
70    He quits the Dockyard

71    And moves to 13 Palmerston Road, Woodstock
72    Weak white flesh
73    At the Franz Kafferklapper Gebou he tries to draw unemployment benefits
74    Ordeal by libation
75    A significant nightmare
76    Hollow victory
77    Dear Henry
78    Henry commits a capital offence
79    Philemon the Facilitator
80    He applies for the job of porter and becomes an orderly

81    He serves a three-year sentence
82    Bergson gives Henry a briefing
83    Pretty pussies in Pretoria
84    Unsolicited mail
85    The expedition sets sail
86    Into heavy weather
87    As the storm worsens a learned discussion is interrupted
88    The captain, the carpenter and the dilettante
89    Henry is thrown overboard
90    Alone and adrift

91    He reaches the Vital Isle
92    Face to face with Gudd and Sutton, Henry learns the terrible truth
93    The end of Oxyaston